Re: Open HPSDR Hermes (14 bit ADC, EP3C25) Transceiver Card


I was with you until that last snipe. It appears the 7300 MAY have a problem. If it has spurious at -3db from full output that are only 60 dB down removed 20 kHz and 100 kHz from the carrier that can wipe out portions of the band. I experienced this with somebody running PSK31 who had a subtle ground loop leading to some weak 120 Hz modulation on his (overdriven) PSK31 signal This made a portion of the spectrum within the PSK31 window at the time unusable for me. He lived in the same town so I got his signal at a high enough level for his spurious to be a problem.


On 20220225 10:42:22, oldjackbob@... wrote:

And it's not our fault that we're all talking apples (HF) and you're talking oranges (950 MHZ!) lol.

It's clear you're a PS hater, you've made that abundantly clear in numerous posts in this thread, when in reality there's nothing to hate about PS. It brings a quantum improvement (at least 20 dB) in signal cleanness to the table, for free! The algorithm is open source and can be implemented in software and minimal circuitry. You just can't stomach the fact that your beloved K3S and 890S will never hold a candle to any ANAN (or even a lowly IC-7300) for signal purity.

I'm done with this topic.


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