Re: Open HPSDR Hermes (14 bit ADC, EP3C25) Transceiver Card

Conrad, PA5Y

Wooooaahhh hold on. I most certainly am not a PS hater. Its great! You really have got the wrong end of the stick. The ANAN-7000 is a fine radio and is definitely capable of better performance with PS than either of my beloved radios. However, for me, driving transverters I have no need for Pure signal.


I have no idea where ANY of that came from.


I do dislike the IC-7300s because I have loads of the bloody things nearby on 6m and it is not clean. No way. However, when things were properly described I accept that it is good enough on the low bands where the noise floor is MUCH higher.


The ANAN-7000 even without PS knocks spots off it.


So, we agree.




Conrad PA5Y




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And it's not our fault that we're all talking apples (HF) and you're talking oranges (950 MHZ!) lol.

It's clear you're a PS hater, you've made that abundantly clear in numerous posts in this thread, when in reality there's nothing to hate about PS. It brings a quantum improvement (at least 20 dB) in signal cleanness to the table, for free! The algorithm is open source and can be implemented in software and minimal circuitry. You just can't stomach the fact that your beloved K3S and 890S will never hold a candle to any ANAN (or even a lowly IC-7300) for signal purity.

I'm done with this topic.


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