Re: Open HPSDR Hermes (14 bit ADC, EP3C25) Transceiver Card


Military contracts fall into the code names and acronyms to the point whole conversations seem to exclusively use acronyms without normal nouns, verbs, and stuff. I'm glad I am out of that now.

On 20220225 00:39:44, sm6fhz wrote:
OK Simon.
I guess the filter tracking is generic to the HPSDR concept, let it be ANAN or Hermes.
Thanks for the info, good to know.
A name is just a name, is it an acronym for something? It might just be shorter to use a name rather than a full description.
The HPSDR crew seem to be very happy with naming the different parts. I have not been able to see any coupling between name and function on any of them.
Coming from the cellular base-station industry, I am fostered with acronyms for everything ;-) functions, products or projects, let it be that it looks like names and possible to pronounce :-)
Some of them needed a lot of fantasy and imagination to decode :-) and were created with the same amount of fantasy and imagination. LOF :-)
73 / Ingolf

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