Re: coexist SDRuno 1.41.1 with SDRconsole3.1 with RSPdx?

Kurt Hechler

Hi Simon,

from my understanding is the USBpower sufficent.  See attached files.

Maybe I found the problem.  If I was for example on 40m I have to move RF Gain to round about 18 to see the SSB signals. If I go now to 80m and switch from the short dipole to the LW the Console is in overload and does not show spectrum as well the RX is quiet.  If I now minimize the RF gain to round about 10 the Console comes back.  IF Gain is -45, AGC off.   I do not know such a behavior from the early version. Even with the minimized settings the RX is sometimes switching on/off.  Bay the way SDRuno do not show that behavior.


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