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Agreed - and stubborn, too.


On 20220214 05:36:54, Simon Brown wrote:

I'm hard on Sigi at times but he's an excellent resource and tester.

Simon Brown, G4ELI 

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Hello Simon,

 Sunday, February 13, 2022

 Sigi DG9BF most kindly logged on to my PC via TeamViewer last night and
spent a long time optimizing my SDR Console set up. He concurs with me that
my issue is one of fickle drive level requirements for the SG Labs 20W amp
which is currently triggered by the amps own internal VOX circuitry. Enough
drive to trigger the VOX is often enough PA output to trigger that whining
bint, Leila ;) He recommends I use a conventional PTT relay circuit.

This may be a bit tricky in itself, as the Pluto firmware needed to control
the Pluto PTT relays over my LAN (the Pluto is outside by the dish) is not,
as far as I know, compatible with my DATV Portsdown 4 box, which only works
with a very old firmware... I need to bend Sigi's ear about this at some
time. Thanks for the replies Simon, Sigi is a fantastic ambassador  for your
software, treat him kindly!

Best regards,
 Chris    2E0ILY       mailto:chris@...

SB> One thing - you can always use the mouse wheel to adjust a slider.

SB> Simon Brown, G4ELI

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SB> Hi,

SB> A few screenshots would help.

SB> Simon Brown, G4ELI

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SB> Subject: [SDR-Radio] Tricky drive level setting for SDR Console to 
SB> Pluto,
SB> QO100

SB> 12 February 2022

SB> I wonder if anyone can kindly help me with a drive issue I am having 
SB> with my PlutoSDR and transmitting to the QO100 satellite via the 
SB> narrow band transponder using SDR Console please?

SB> Recently I am finding setting the drive level is incredibly tricky. 
SB> Using the Tone or Tune functions in SDR Console a tad too much drive 
SB> level and the Leila, the satellite's too great a signal level 
SB> warning is triggered. I reduce drive until it is no longer triggered 
SB> and all is OK for some seconds, then it is triggered again, as if my
power is increasing of its own accord.

SB> Once I find an acceptable level by very fine manipulation of the 
SB> drive slider but I then find that after a period of reception there 
SB> is no longer enough drive to set the Pluto / amp into TX again.

SB> This appears to be a recent problem, as a while ago when I was on 
SB> the narrow band transponder with SSB I didn't seem to have so much of an

SB> My set up is Windows 7 64 bit, SDR Console V 3.1, LAN connection to 
SB> my Pluto at the base of my 1.8 meter prime focus dish. The Pluto is 
SB> driving an Analogue Devices CN0417 pre amp driving an SG labs 20W 
SB> amp via a 6dB attenuator, which in turn is triggered by its VOX PTT. 
SB> The SG Labs amp then feeds the POTY antenna via a short length of low
loss co-ax.

SB> MAYBE the attenuator is between the Pluto and the CN0417, I can't 
SB> reliably recall, and I am at work.

SB> My own, novice, thoughts are that to trigger the SG labs amp via VOX 
SB> is needing enough drive power to put its output around the trigger 
SB> point of Leila. Does that sound feasible? What about the rise in 
SB> output when TX'ing, and the fact a signal level adjusted down when 
SB> operating with Tune or Tone to stop triggering Leila becomes 
SB> insufficient to set the ensemble into TX at the next transmission?

SB> Thanks for any advice. I could JUST get a signal on SSB with only 
SB> the CN0417, before I got the SG labs amp. I wanted a good deal more 
SB> power as I also run the set up on DATV on the wide band QO100 
SB> transponder. Best regards, Chris, 2E0ILY

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