Re: US bandplan


When bands overlap it would be nice to be able to create horizontal color bands with the primary class on top working down to ISM uses on the bottom. (Warning - snob snarky  statement) Any ham who needs the color bands just flunked his license re-exam except the FCC never does this.


On 20220213 14:12:04, bwschober@... wrote:

I tried to use a consistent color scheme based on the default plan that Simon included in the Beta, but found myself having inconsistencies and variations.  I tried to have colors for each use type, dark blue for broadcast, dark red for person to person, light green for marine, dark green for aviation.  I think your light blue was a better choice for marine.  Then I tried to have different colors for the different modes, CW, digital, voice, ...  Next I tried to make sure there was a noticeable change when one band plan transitioned to another.  I tried to avoid layering the band plans, but did it when I thought it was worthwhile, like showing the General class allowed ranges on  80, 40, and 20 Meter.  I just noticed that I missed 15M.  I also overlapped the ISM, WiFi and 13cm Ham bands.

I would be open to working with you and others to come up with a consistent color scheme and a more complete band and marker plan.


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