Re: Andrus SDR

Allan Isaacs

Pleased to hear your Andrus is a goer Dan.

Once you realise about the gain selection glitch it becomes automatic to knock it down and up each session.


I had issues with audio buffering on all my SDRs which I put down to a combination of settings and PC background activity. The key problem here is network activity because I have two HD cameras running continuously and loads of other active bits and pieces connected up, plus for a spell I had a network switch acting up.

I wonder if the answer is to separate out the Andrus and use a different network address not based on my Sky router.

I imagine I’d need a second network adaptor in my PC to do this?


I can access the Andrus over any of my PCs but occasionally I get a timeout error on starting requiring me to interrupt power to the SDR. I even have a networked ASUS PN30 running Win 11 connected to my 4K 55 inch TV which gives me an enormous UHD picture.

73 Allan G3PIY

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Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] Andrus SDR


Hi Simon I successfully connected via the sdr server after increasing the  buffering in the section mentioning wifi and opening the udp port on windows firewall.
and router.
currently it works perfectly for one user via mobile broadband and a laptop, the only minor issue is cycling db gain button when first started- there after exceptional.

thank you for your efforts


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