Re: Pluto:: Spurious Emissions


Ba-da-bing as they say in the vernacular.

(Besides, EVERYTHING is "just physics". So it was sort of a null statement. OTOH, in general lowering levels keeps you out of the non-linear regions or D/A overload or other nasties.)

On 20220205 14:57:05, Boudewijn (Bob) Tenty VE3TOK wrote:

The attenuation happens before the final in the Pluto NOT after it, seeĀ


On 2022-02-05 16:11, Jean (DJ0VL) wrote:
Please enlighten me: which plain pure old fashioned physics does reduce the spurious level (in dBc, not dBm) of a constant signal that is reduced by adding attenuation?

73 Jean DJ0VL
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