Re: Bricked my Ettus X310

Charly DF5VAE

Good morning Erik,

yes, the documentation could be better in particular for "OLD Man" like me.....with little software skills

I wonder if I will get the X310 to communicate with SDR Console AFTER I reflashed with UHD 3.15.
(in windows 7/64 environment)

When typing the correct commands (Admin command prompt box) the UHD command line procedure is working.

SDR console actually found the X310 during search, but "MOANED" the the firmware/image (UHD 4,x) was not as expected.
I checked that both default X310 IP's were scanned and recognised. The Ettus search function in SDR console works ok.

As this part in SDR console was not updated to work with newer firmware I just reflashed the x310 using the 1G connection.
Commands to flash via 10G fiber are identical, except the IP. I did not specify HD or XG image in the command line, the default is HG.

In a moment I will start SDR console again and let it search for Ettus x310. It should work then.


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