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Simon Brown

With ETTUS the problem is the support dll (UHD.dll). I can’t get my B200 running at much more than 24MHz bandwidth, haven’t looked at UHD.dll for quite a while. The UHD.dll code is by no means optimal, *very* difficult to optimise due to its size and complexity, all unnecessary IMO.


Were I commercial person I would write a new support dll for a specific Ettus device, this may well be the only way to get it running properly.


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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IO will be your speed limiting factor. I've had SDRC running a full 30 MHz wide USB 3 link to a RX888 and an RX888 MKII receiver. I hacked a little and got SDRSharp to run happly on the MKII with a 60 MHz level bandwidth. Going much above that would probably be a problem with USB 3.1. I've not worked out the math, though. 120 million 16 bit samples per second is a bit under 2 GHz data rate. You'd need 10 gig Ethernet to handle it. And a 1 GHz net would possibly have problems with the full RX888 (not MKII) bandwidth. These days the Ethernet offered on most computers is "slow".


On 20220201 04:18:30, Charly DF5VAE wrote:

Ettus USRP N200 Test with Beta SDR Console 
Ettus_USRP N200 with WBX board  fitted running under SDR console (Beta, Jan 2022) 
and UHD 4.0 driver
WBX Bandwith set to 25MHz (in older SDR console version settings of +/- 20 MHz were possible) 
Hardware performance as per SDR console:
Xeon E5-2690 CPU load                                       ~ 8%, 
GTX1650 (silent card ) load                                  43%
GHz Network  (Intel Pro 1000 dual card)               83% load
SDR console can easily handle the high data flow.generated by the USRP N200 
Reported Hickup's are likely from unsufficienet hardware performance and NOT from SDR console software. 
#########  Congratulations to SIMON ###############
The small s"carrier" below the qo100 NB transponder is likely a DC spike.
I would really like to test the USRP  X310 with one UBX 160 board, 
but need help as the default X310 setup is not recognised by SDR_Console..
73, Charly  DF5VAE

sdr_console -Ettus N200_networkload_k.jpg

sdr_console -Ettus N200_QO100_25MHz BW_k.jpg

sdr_console -Ettus N200_WBX_k.jpg

sdr_console -Ettus N200_X310.jpg


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