Virtual Here And Local Network

Dominic Dambro

My main receiver is an Afedri LAN-IQ and I can access it from anywhere in the world using SDR Console. I love it. My "shack" runs a Windows 11 desktop PC and that's where my antennas feed into my SDRs.

I recently bought an RSPdx (it also stays connected to my desktop) and with VirtualHere, I can fool any PC within my local area network into thinking it's physically attached so that it can run with SDRuno (an app I'm not as crazy about.)
Because of the demands of the data that USB needs to deliver, SDRuno must be set up to run in "Bulk" USB mode, not the typical Isochronous mode. It works perfectly this way- no lag or stutter. But I want it to work in SDR Console!

Does SDR Console allow for configuring USB Bulk mode? Without it, the remote RSPdx is found but is unlistenable. 

Dominic Dambro

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