Re: Ettus compatibility #sdrconsolev3 #ettus

Charly DF5VAE

Hi Larry

Sorry, I missed your question in 2021 Larry.
Busy on the ham bands and many other things to do , so I did not monitor this chat for a very long time.

Actually there was no issue at all to connect the N200 under SDR console. The Ettus device search found the standard (default) ip address. I use win7/64 and UHD 4.0 at present.

Switching to a surplus server mainboard end of last year with a Xeon CPU solved all bandwith problems I still had with high end I7 main boards.
Both network cards (Intel Pro-1000 dual) and Intel x520-2 (10GB Fiber) work at full speed now with their their own dedicated PCx lanes. No shared bandwith!


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