Re: Ettus compatibility #sdrconsolev3 #ettus

Charly DF5VAE

Hello Ray,

I you have some spare time pse let me know what firmware you use for your USRP X310 to communicate with SDR console.
Pse mention also the UHD release,
Do you install Winx64_VS2019 or an other version?

I tried many combinations, but got no combination to work.

73, Charly DF5VAE@...

I use a low cost Fujitsu M720 server PC, with Xeon 2690 CPU, and Intel x520-2 Fiber adapter.

With this hardware I was able to obtain 40 MHz bandwith with an USRP N200 and Intel Pro 1000 Network card. A high standard PC mainboard with I7 CPU limits bandwith between 10 to 20 MHz.

The Xeon CPU on the M720 mainboard offers up to 40 PCx Lanes, no shared resources limiting the transfer bandwith.

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