Re: Andrus SDR

Allan Isaacs

Hi Daniel

I bought an Andrus a few years back, said to be from a house clearance, and replaced the short circuit network chip and much to my surprise it then worked perfectly.

I think I paid about £60.

I find it really good at lower frequencies down to a few KHz and OK up to 30MHz.

It only covers a 400KHz bandwidth which is fine for ham bands but its chief advantage is it can be used at the end of an RJ45 cable well away from interference. USB power or about 6V at 350mA. I guess you could power it from a PoE adaptor but I haven’t tried that yet nor remote access via the Net but no reason why not.

Very good build quality and would have cost almost £500 new. They are pretty rare so I guess that £90 plus postage makes it a good buy.

SDR console works fine with it although not all bells and whistles seem to be covered probably because there are too few users to warrant the work.

73 Allan G3PIY

From: [] On Behalf Of Daniel Young
Sent: 29 January 2022 22:08
Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] Andrus SDR


Could you tell me if this can work in same manner as kiwi sdr and provide web based users? I have a chance of a 1.5 for £100 which I don't know if it's a bargain or a lost cause for my application as the information I could find seemed clear as mud so far.

Apologies for my ignorance




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