Missed spots PSKREPORTER

Ian McCabe

Hi all

Can anyone help me with a minor problem here.

I know there are a lot of smart guys on here, probably not the right place to ask on this subject but failed elsewhere

I listen FT8 160m most nights and run JTDX with PSKREPORTER and Gridtracker god bless its sole

I monitor mainly DX spots and notice despite perfect CQ,s with the locator  quite a few stations never make the PSKREPORTER map

A couple of friends using the same set up  and settings do not have this problem. EG It took over an hour and at least 13/14 CQ,s for XV1X  to appear.

I just use the basic settings in JTDX, any advice will be appreciated and apologies  for being off topic

I have heard this maybe server related but whose server I do not know, I have tried changing ports without success

Appreciate any advice

Regards Ian G0FYD

Airspy HF plus discovery

Wellbrook 80ft rotatable loop

Software JTDX

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