Re: Settings for USCG Weather on RTTY?

Ken Sejkora

Hi Kriss,


Are you sure that is US Coast Guard Weather RTTY on 4006 kHz USB, the frequency shown in the attached JPG?  I’m not aware of USCG using that frequency or frequency shift for WX transmissions.  I believe that frequency is commonly used by the US Navy for encrypted transmissions using STANAG-4481 FSK.  The 850 Hz shift is commonly used by NATO military groups when using STANAG-4481 FSK..


The USCG SITOR/RTTY frequencies on the US East Coast are 6314.0, 8416.5, 12579.0, and 16806.5 kHz.  Here’s a link to a reference for USCG weather-related broadcasts:


As an aside, I haven’t used the digital decoder in SDRC very much, but instead pipe audio to either fldigi or MultiPSK because of better decoding.  If decoding NAVTEX on 490 or 518 kHz, those programs will work as well, but YanD is another very useful NAVTEX decoder.  If decoding USCG WEFAX (Weather FAX) transmissions, my go-to decoder is fldigi, but MultiPSK will do the job as well.  WEFAX frequencies on the East Coast of the USA are 4235.0, 6340.5, 9110.0, and 12750.0 kHz


Good luck and 73


Ken --  WBØOCV


From: Kriss Kliegle KA1GJU
Sent: Friday, January 28, 2022 05:42 AM
Subject: [SDR-Radio] Settings for USCG Weather on RTTY?


Anyone have success decoding WX from USCG on HF RTTY?
What settings do you use?
Band Mode (USB or LSB)
Baud Rate
Shift of 850Hz

73 Kriss KA1GJU



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