Beta features not in the current release ?? #sdrconsole


I came across a you tube video that demo's the SRD Console V3 Beta ...    In it has some features I would really like to have..
 I have the latest version on SDR Console  I have loaded   is  Version 3.1 build 2320  Compiled Aug 2 2021.  I thought this would contain all the features I say in the video but if does NOT ??!

I can not find how to do this.   Perhaps someone could direct me where I can get this beta version.  I especially like to see the the Band plan  ...  Being a ham that has been out operation for awhile  this is a very nice feature to highlight sections of  the band  .. and it can be modified if need  for other info ... Like  a bar at the bottom of the spectrum    it could reflect the CW portion  of the band  or   you might add  a digital mode like PSK  or RTTY  .. In the Beta version  it was very nicely done   ...  I am constantly having to configure UNO   and sometime I think  I spend more timing doing this ...then actually listening.   [Simon   I have followed this program forever ..  and I think it is the best !]
Wish there are more You Tube videos ...  with tips for all the different configurable optiond ...    I tried to get adjusted to UNO... but I have an ANAN 100   that I would love to get this program working with it...    Thanks to you  .. my retirement is going be better  !

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