Re: Console Signal meter reading

Mag loop Simon

Hi again

Thinking about this..I wonder if the duo with sdrc is “ not seeing “ what the 3000 duo is “ seeing “ the whole rx spectrum and hence not adjusting its signal level when the phaser is in operation? Sorry for poor explanation, but qro amps, antennas etc are my thing..still much to learn about sdr’s..

I do use antenna out to drive the duo, maybe i should use if out( with suitable if offset settings on sdrc)

Ps the Cornwall 160-40m special amp is coming along nicely..

Re s meter on sdrc vs 3000.. s1 on 3000= s3.5 on sdrc…s5 on 3000 =s4 on sdrc, would be nice to be able to adjust s meter or linearity on spectrum to match.

Thanks Other Simon

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