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On 1/25/2022 11:39 AM, michel soldevila wrote:

Hi folks,
I performed a simple test with my RSP2 receiver and my Marconi 2022D RF generator:
The RF signal was fed to SMA antenna port A via a short 50 ohms coax cable.
The Console settings were as follow:
-RF gain = 0 
-Visual gain = 0
-Mode = CW
-Bandwidth = 200 Hz
I noticed a difference of 20 dB between the generator output level and the signal meter reading; this difference is almost constant from1 to 50 MHz, for signal levels between -100 dBm and -50 dBm. The difference is smaller at -40 dBm level (only 10 dB). The Console signal meter reading is above the generator output level.
My question:
Should I use the "Visual gain" setting to compensate for that diffrence?
 73, Michel (F1GOC)

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