Re: Cant get Console to run

Dennis Matzen

Attached is my log file for the RSPduo. Two things I see that may be an issue. I have API ver 3.08, you are using 3.09 and it shows the local version is 3.06. I think Simon has said 3.09 will work but that may be a fix in one of the beta releases. I am running build 2470, you might try updating.

The other thing I see is that your process is an Atom. I know it is supported but not sure if has any affect on what you are seeing. 

So you might try changing the API ver to 3.08 and  upgrade Console to latest beta. Note I find that whenever updating the SDRplay software it is best to unplug receiver, remove old software (Uno and all drivers) then install new software and only plug the receiver in when directed by the installation.

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