Re: Noise level variation AirSpy HF+

Jorge Garzón Gutiérrez <iberiaDX@...>

Hi Kriss and the rest of the group,
I am attaching two screenshots. 
The first image (one screen) named "Cascada0" is the initial one when I open Console without the Miniwhip amplifier on, so the signals showed are just the stronger ones and the spikes (internal noises, or USB noises, or interferences).
The second image "Cascada1_2" includes two shots:
Nr. 1. Screenshot after connecting the MiniWhip amplifier when the Console software was previously opened (after have taken former 'one-screen' image).
Nr. 2. Screenshot when Console is opened WITH the Mini-whip amplifier connected.

Differences are noticeable and conditions are in both cases the same without changin any of the Console options.

No explanation for that!! 
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