Re: Audio issue on SDR Console

Ken Sejkora

Thank you so much, Simon.  I’ll give that a try.  I have a question regarding the audio buffer size window.  Under the buffer size section on the first row, there are options for ‘Default’, ‘x2’, and ‘x4’.  What exactly is the ‘Default’ setting here?  The reason I ask is that when one click on the blue “Defaults” switch two rows down, the buffer size changes to a  “new” default value of ‘X2’ instead of the other ‘Default’ value.  I’m just trying to understand the difference between the two different default settings.


When I enable the ‘Use 250ms buffer’ option, should I see the audio latency figure in the lower right corner of the Console display also increase to something larger than 250 ms?  If I run the Console with the audio routed directly to the speakers, thus bypassing the VAC, I normally see the audio latency in the lower right corner hovering between 40 and 50 ms.  When I send the audio through the VAC with the 250 ms buffer added, the latency value in the lower right corner only increases to a total of a little over 100 ms, even after the introduction of the 250 ms buffer.


Thanks again for such a wonderful program.  Have a wonderful weekend.




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