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Simon Brown



A few ideas:


  • SDR Console uses WASAPI, the other programs the WDM audio drivers.
  • If the audio is OK via speakers but not over a VAC then it must be the VAC causing the problem, specifically the drivers.
  • Please show the logfile for a session with the VAC – I want to check a few things.


Simon Brown, G4ELI


From: <> On Behalf Of Ken Sejkora
Sent: 14 January 2022 19:53
Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] Audio issue on SDR Console


Thanks for the tip, Kriss.  I mistakenly thought it would have worked, since I was successful when I embedded the screen capture image in my original post.  Anyway, the image file of the SDRConsole home page is attached.


I’m starting to think it may be an issue with the way SDRConsole interfaces with the virtual audio cable application, specifically VB-Audio Voicemeeter.  When I shut Voicemeeter down and just send the SDRConsole audio directly to the desktop speaker, totally bypassing any VAC, the popping and snapping stops altogether.  However, in that configuration, I can’t pipe the audio into decoding software.


The reason I do not think it is a problem with the Voicemeeter installation itself is that when I use SDRSharp, HDSDR, and/or SDR++ to feed the VAC into the decoder software, I didn’t have any noise at all.  It is only when I use SDRC.  This morning I uninstalled SDRC and all of the VAC software, rebooted and ensured all of the VAC software and audio drivers were gone, and then reinstalled the VAC software, rebooted, checked operability of the VAC software with SDRSharp, HDSDR, and SDR++, and then reinstalled SDRC, and rebooted one final time.  As shown in the attached image, I’m seeing audio latency in the mid-20 milliseconds.  Even after all of my efforts, I still get the occasional popping when using the VAC, but am getting a bit cleaner decodes of WEFAX despite the popping.  If I switch over to SDRSharp, HDSDR, or SDR++, the fax images are nearly flawless.


More testing to ensue.  I’m open to any suggestions other might have.  For the time being, I’ll still continue to use SDRC for casual listening, but if I want to engage in digital decoding, I may need to resort to one of the other SDR software packages until I get this issue resolved.


Thanks again, Kriss.  73




From: Kriss Kliegle KA1GJU
Sent: Friday, January 14, 2022 11:44 AM
Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] Audio issue on SDR Console


Ken, you need to post the image as an attachment... OTW it's a blurry mess! 
The lower ribbon is VERY important to be able to read, but looking at the fuzzy green bar for audio may have an issue.
The cracks and pops are usually due to a lost packet of data, but since your SDR is physically attached to the local machine, there should be very little delay.
I get 24ms of delay on my Airspy locally. Anything goes when connected to a server outside my LAN, especially when on hotel wifi!

73 Kriss KA1GJU


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