Server Question: "No V3 Server Found" ?



Still trying to get up to speed with using Servers.

I keep getting the msg. "No V3 Servers Found"

I have been trying to follow all the steps below; see the * items.  What am I likely missing, or doing incorrectly ?
I do select one that shows, apparently, that is available.

                  Add Definition

                      To connect to a server you must first add a server definition:


  1.                      From the ribbon bar select Home, Radio, Select Radio.
  2.                      In the Select Radio window click Definitions...
  3.                     In the Radio Definitions window select V3 Server at the bottom of the Search list.
  4.                     The Autodetect window is displayed.
  5. *Either:
  6. Enter the Address, Username and Password, then press Select, or
  7. *Select a worldwide server from the list.
  8.                  *If the server can be contacted a list of radios is displayed.
  9.                   *Now press OK.
  11.      A new entry is added to the Radio Definitions window.  NOPE

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