Re: 137MHz "V" Antenna advice needed ...


Thanks for the follow up feedback, Dave: it's nice to see that a bit of experimentation can bring good results!  Thirty years ago I was doing wxsat imaging with a turnstile antenna fitted with an eight leg reflector, and using a five element Yagi on a rotator to get full H to H reception (even over the horizon when atmospheric conditions were right), but time moved on and changes in computer technology rendered my hardware obsolete, and my antennas were taken down a long time ago.  However, in these days of SDR radios and SDRC, satellite reception is not the black art that it once was, and I think I really ought to give it another go.  I still have the reflector - made from eight lengths of aluminium tube soldered to a piece of copper clad pcb - so the V-dipole would be an easy way back in to start reception again.  I'll see what I can rustle up in the Spring :).


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