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Simon Brown



Why not use the server – this will result in reduced bandwidth?


Request noted, a week or two.


You could also add it locally, then carefully edit the XML file where definitions are saved.


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Sent: 11 January 2022 16:14
Subject: [SDR-Radio] Adding an external AFEDRI-Net


Hi Simon and all.
I think it has been discussed before, but it became evident once again :-)
I wanted to make an "Identity" especially for NDB's using my remote AFEDRI-Net.
However, I could not find a way to "find" the AFEDRI and connect to it from this new identity. "Search" did not work, naturally, as it is not in my local network.
Using the "Add" dialog box there is no such choice for Dll's as AFEDRI-Net.

I did manage to set up the remote AFEDRI-Net as a NetSDR. Some features differs like BW and Gain settings but it works.

I have one Identity running with the remote AFEDRI-Net but that was set up with the AFEDRI-Net locally and after that edited to the correct IP address. This was not an option now as the AFEDRI-Net is remote now, not local :-(
Works fine, but I could not find a way to copy this definition to the new identity :-( 
Is there such an possibility?

It would be very convenient if the AFEDRI-Net was an alternative in the "Add" dialog window to make it possible to set-up and connect to a remote AFEDRI-Net.

73 / Ingolf, SM6FHZ

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