Re: Problem with Adalm-Pluto SDR's USB #adalmpluto


When did rtl_test grow the capability of testing Plutos?

On 20220109 06:44:05, John wrote:

Doug -

I assuming you are plugging your pluto SDR into the computer and have tried various ports.

Get a copy of rtl_test.exe on your computer, and install it some where convenient.  , or just google rtl_test .

My case I created a rtl_test directory on my C drive:

Key [Widnows]r

 cmd {Enter]

 cd C:\rtl_test

rtl_test -d 0    (This will show lost/dropped data between the computer and your  SDR dongle)

If you get a continuous stream of dropped bytes   try [RESTARTING] your computer.

In my case a second had laptop has and issue starting/communicating with the USB ports.  By restarting after first turning the computer on the communication issue resolves it self  with only a few random drops here and there.


On 1/9/2022 7:56 AM, Douglas Pervine wrote:
I have a pair of Pluto SDR's and they both are acting up on me.  They randomly connect/disconnect from the host PC.  Additionally, when I attempt to connect to them via ethernet, they often go offline (the ethernet USB dongle lights go out).
I have a solid 5vdc power supply hooked to them (I use the same PS for my RPi 4's with no problems).

I thought maybe the latest firmware was at fault (0.34) but I converted both SDR's to DragonSDR (0.33) and I still have the same problem.

My best guess is the Micro USB connector is failing on both SDR's.  Has anyone else experience this problem?  If so, is it easy to replace the connector?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

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