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Sent: 05 January 2022 13:36
Subject: [SDR-Radio] Fixed Spectrum Width in waterfall


Hello Gentlemen and happy new year.


I use SDR console with a transverter and Perseus as a band scope with point and click tuning. I did search the archives for what has previously  been referred to as ‘Fixed Spectrum Mode’ which I think is what I want.


Maybe it would be best if I explain the scenario.


I want the Waterfall to always display between 144.080 and 144.400 and for this to be fixed. This would be optimal use with the DXSpots markers during a contest. When I click I do not want the waterfall display to move just the receive frequency. I am sure that this must be possible but I cannot find it. I am sorry for being so dumb!


Say I click on 144.185 I do not require this to be centred in the main waterfall, it should stay static at a fixed bandwidth. I hope that my explanation is clear.


I thought that I may be able to do this by setting the width of the horizontal slider at the bottom of the screen but I cannot fix it to specific lower and upper limits. I want to view around 450kHz and I am sampling with adequate BW on the Perseus. It seems to have been requested but I do not know if it has been implemented yet. If it has I missed it and cannot find out how to achieve it.




Conrad PA5Y




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