Re: [SDR-Radio-TestTeam] SDRC Bitmap Display - short intro


On Sun, Jan 2, 2022 at 05:44 PM, Simon Brown wrote:
I'll be 65 this year so who knows how long I'll be writing code. There are many things that could be written, I must concentrate on those which I really have a desire to write.
I'm not far behind you Simon, but difference is that my small brain does not even have the slightest insight into how you would begin writing the code (or any code) to produce something like SDR Console so hats off to you and very huge thanks for all the work to produce the best performing and most user-friendly SDR software on the planet. When I see (and try - very briefly - I'm not a masochist) what other SDR programs people battle to use I just don't fathom why they insist on making life so difficult for themselves when they could just load up SDRC and be on air immediately with very little drama, so well done and heartfelt thanks for what you do for those of us that could never get anywhere close from their own efforts.

What you do will always be a total mystery to me but long may you continue doing it!

Happy New Year and 73


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