Re: NDB - Airspy HF+ DIscovery versus Hermes Lite 2


On Sun, Dec 26, 2021 at 03:24 PM, sm6fhz wrote:
If you missed the SAQ transmission on December 24th you have a new opportunity on December 27th
Thanks Ingolf. Only just seen this so listening.

Brief update as short on time over the break but I did listen for SAQ on the 24th on HF+ DIscovery, Hermes Lite 2 and SDR Play RSP2Pro. I have two wires, 132ft but this currently has a 49:1 Unun in it which I intend eventually to be able to bypass but as expected is most likely choking off the signal or at least badly optimised, so the best signal from SAQ was actually on my other wire which is a much lower 66ft end fed. Again, poorly optimised, but it did pull in a signal. Not great, but audible. 

Sorry, not a very scientific report, but basically the result was that the best reception of SAQ was on the HF+ confirming my suspicion that the HL2 is not optimised for VLF reception (which is actually documented and expected but can be changed if required).

The signal from SAQ did not seem as strong as I have received previously (as documented by some other listeners on the YouTube channel live chat).

On RSP2Pro the signal was audible but not readable (LF/wire antenna input). On the HF+ it was just readable (signal report RST 479) and on the HL2 nothing heard at all. So at this frequency the HF+ won out by quite a margin. So will probably keep it even if just for VLF and also for just sheer portability. Still shocked and amazed at how amazingly small it is. I will most likely set up something like a Wellgood or Miniwhip to leave permanently connected to the HF+ with some sort of front end diode limiter to protect the front end when transmitting.


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