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Yes, I have to swap I/Q. I buyed some RTL-Stick because i know there is some function ( Direct Sampling ). But nothing changes. Somebody an idea?

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You need to swap I and Q if possible.

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Thanks for your fast answer. Now i feel a littlebit dumb, because i not reading the manual. 


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Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Subject: [SDR-Radio] Reverse Spectrum


Hey Guys,


Today I built a panadapter for my FT-100D. It works nice with SDR-Console and the External Radio is a perfect feature for this. I have only one Problem:


I dont know why, but the spectrum is not right located. I mean the upper frequencies are at the lower end. 


Is there a function to reverse spectrum? It would helps me a lot.


73 de Dominik DL1DJH 


PS: Merry christmas to you all.

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