Re: NDB - Airspy HF+ DIscovery versus Hermes Lite 2

Allan Isaacs

They’re easy enough to come by Tom.

This one belongs to the son of silent key G3PNV and has lain dormant for the best part of 50 years.

Sacriligiously the dial is now a Muirhead but even smoother than the old type 35.

My first was bought from my English teacher for £3 (quite a lot of cash in those days when a good wage was £1 a day and suffice to say my parents hit the roof). Since then I acquired a few more with one coupled to a T1154.

All the best

Allan G3PIY


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Sent: 23 December 2021 14:58
Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] NDB - Airspy HF+ DIscovery versus Hermes Lite 2


You lucky man Allan!

I almost had one around 1970. It sat at the back of the physics lab and someone had removed all the valves. Couldn’t afford them on pocket money. Never thought of hanging on to it until I started work and could afford it.

That tuning dial was really smooth.


Season’s greetings




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