Re: NDB - Airspy HF+ DIscovery versus Hermes Lite 2


One other thing - if he is not using the AirSpy HF+ Discovery's AGC he's very likely running with some gain mismatches in the analog portion of the chain.


On 20211223 06:36:19, Max wrote:

On Thu, Dec 23, 2021 at 12:34 PM, Patrick wrote:
It's indeed surprising.
As a LF enthusiast (chasing NDB for more than 20 years), I can tell the Discovery is one of the most sensitive receiver I have ever used
Hi Patrick

I don't think this shows any issue with the HF+ Discovery, just that the Hermes Lite 2 is a quite astonishing bit of kit for the money. Actually regardless of the cost. Punches way above its weight. I did always think so but this has just confirmed it for me. Unless I have a sub-par HF+? Wonder if you managed to watch my video recordings of the NDB?

Unfortunately I was not able to listen for Grimeton test transmissions today. Listening now but nothing heard so I guess too late to the game. I will be sure not to miss the main TX tomorrow morning.


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