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Just a random observation - I tend to over-provision the power supply on general principles. It will stand up to random heavy spikes in load a little better. I don't believe what manufacturers claim for the power demands on their chips and boards better than +/- 25% to +/- 50%.

They last longer. But dirty power and surges have destroyed power supplies anyway.


On 20211223 06:26:08, Tom Crosbie G6PZZ wrote:

Yes they do David,
My GT1600 (Whatever Simon was recommending!) has a 4-pin connector (old school HDD type)
Mine is powered directly from the PSU. Not sure if any power is supplied via the graphics card slot as well in this case.
Never tried it without its power connection.
Although I'm an experienced desktop/server builder, I didn't want to take the risk of blowing a brand new (and quite expensive mobo!)
The XYL would have had something to say as the components were a gift from her! The shopping list came to around £900 without a PSU and case.
I can't stand the thought of throwing out working kit until it becomes completely obsolete and only got rid of some PCI graphics cards about 5 years ago...


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On 23/12/2021 12:46, Tom Crosbie G6PZZ wrote:
Max et al,

I have a Corsair PSU too can’t recall exact model but it’s rated at 
750W. It was overkill for the first PC I built with it and the second 
and probably the third one too, built last year. My first with a 
“good” graphics card. This PSU must be about 9 years old now and the 
PC runs 24/7, current uptime about a year except for update reboots. I think I’m getting my money’s worth out of it.

Do some graphics  cards have a second power supply connection?  I've seen this with satellite TV tuner cards.  Just wondering what might happen if the second power lead hadn't been connected....

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