Re: A new way to shut off a PC

Allan Isaacs

David... Most new motherboards have a second connector (12V yellow/black)
which has to be plugged in for the system to boot up.
Some graphics cards also have an extra power connector, also 12V
yellow/black which looks similar to the type for the motherboard. Some early
graphics cards had a standard 5V/12V four pin connector.
These two yellow/black PSU leads can be plugged in back to front by mistake
which prevents the PC from booting up.
Both are only available on modern PSUs.
Allan G3PIY

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On 23/12/2021 12:46, Tom Crosbie G6PZZ wrote:
Max et al,

I have a Corsair PSU too can't recall exact model but it's rated at 750W.
was overkill for the first PC I built with it and the second and probably
third one too, built last year. My first with a "good" graphics card. This
must be about 9 years old now and the PC runs 24/7, current uptime about a
except for update reboots. I think I'm getting my money's worth out of it.

Do some graphics cards have a second power supply connection? I've seen
with satellite TV tuner cards. Just wondering what might happen if the
power lead hadn't been connected....

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