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Tom Crosbie G6PZZ

Max et al,


I have a Corsair PSU too can’t recall exact model but it’s rated at 750W. It was overkill for the first PC I built with it and the second and probably the third one too, built last year. My first with a “good” graphics card. This PSU must be about 9 years old now and the PC runs 24/7, current uptime about a year except for update reboots. I think I’m getting my money’s worth out of it.




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Agree power supply can caused weird faults. I had one where the PC could not be turned on with the front panel switch, but would turn on if the main AC outlet switch was cycled. Friend had same PSU (Seasonic) they no longer needed, but was identical model and age as we had got a deal by company to build our two PCs at same time to same spec, so he sent that to me. Tried that. Exactly same fault, so assumed PSU not at fault but then PC decided not to turn on at all. Changed motherboard, same fault again. As a last resort I bought a brand new PSU (Corsair). Turned on, all sorted. Incredibly, friend's PSU they had lent me must have had exactly the same fault on it. What's the chance of that?!

Had the new Corsair PSU now for maybe three years. No issues whatsoever. Possibly illogical, but will probably avoid Seasonic PSU again in future!


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