Re: 137MHz "V" Antenna advice needed ...


A lot of Daves on here giving advice!

The reflectors on the illustrated V antenna are simply forming a ground plane, and they should NOT be connected to the feedline.  Ideally, they should be connected to each other where they cross, or at least make each pair of opposites from a single length of wire/rod/tube.  Some experimentation with the distance between the V and the ground plane may be necessary, as this will affect the sensitivity at low elevations (with a standard turnstile antenna the best spacing is around 3/8 wavelength, but it may be different with a V).

As David Taylor says, a QFH antenna is the preferred modern antenna for WxSat reception, but if you are just starting out the V will be a lot simpler to make, and you can trade up later.  Have fun!


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