Re: A new way to shut off a PC

Allan Isaacs

Just a quick suggestion Michel.

If your motherboard has built-in graphics pull your graphics card and use the motherboard output.

That will reduce the peak power demand and prove whether the PSU is suspect.


My system is much the same as yours except two hardware mirrored SSDs for system and two software mirrored 2T data disks.

Because my new display is 4K and my graphics card is only 1920 I unplugged the card and now use my motherboard graphics which can run my 4K monitor.

Allan G3PIY

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Sent: 21 December 2021 16:45
Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] A new way to shut off a PC


I have 3 disks in my PC : one 500 GB SSD for the system, and two 3 TB HDD for the data (mostly pictures RAW files). All are monitored by CrystalDiskInfo, which does not report any problem.
Again, Speccy returns normal operating temperatures: 40 ° C for the discs, 58°C for the graphic card,  25°C inside the PC box. Dust has been removed, all 3 fans checked (main fan, CPU fan, graphic processor fan). 
I will open the PC again to add thermal paste on the CPU.

@G3PIY : Windows 10 was installed on the SSD after formating it. All other programs were installed after.
Michel, F1GOC


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