Re: A new way to shut off a PC

Allan Isaacs

Same here Nick.

I had lots of intermittent problems lately and found disk errors marked in the system logs corresponding timewise to the problems.

The pair of 525GB SSDs in RAID carried on regardless being quite resilient.

I bought a pair of 1TB SSDs onto which I cloned the old drives and touch wood no problems since.


Any graphics card using a fan should be detached regularly and the fan bearing oiled as they can run slow due to a build up of dust.

Peel back the centre sticker and lubricate the end of the spindle.

Allan G3PIY

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Definitely check the SMART info for your disks:

It wouldn't hurt. I had a failing drive one time and it manifested all sorts of strange and seemingly unrelated problems. One was that it would crash an Nvidia driver every time I did anything GPU intensive. Once I discovered the bad drive and unplugged it, I no longer had problems.



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