Re: A new way to shut off a PC

Allan Isaacs

When you installed Windows 10 did you switch off all the intrusive programs?

These are turned off in the non-express install or whatever they call it.

If you failed to turn these off the processor load may be a lot higher than with your Win 7 installation hence aggravating overheating?

As Simon suggested the processor heatsink paste may need renewing if your heatsink looks clean and your fan is running OK.

The graphics chip might be running too hot. Does it have a fan or is it a silent type?

Allan G3PIY

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Sent: 21 December 2021 15:07
Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] A new way to shut off a PC


The disks are in good conditions according to CrystalDiskInfo. The resync only happens when the PC suffers an unexpected shutdown. As pointed out by Allan, this is normal opération.

Come to think of it, this problem arose quite recently (before switching from Windows 7 to  Windows 10) and has evolved rapidly. Initially, the PC did not stop with each launch of SDR Console, as is the case today.
This could favor the thermal failure hypothesis. However, Speccy returns normal temperatures: 40 ° C for the discs, 58°C for the graphic card,  25°C inside the PC box.

Fortunately, I have my laptop to continue listening to shortwave while investigating this issue!
Michel, F1GOC



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