Re: Airspy Black Friday Sales event is ON! 😍


On Tue, Dec 21, 2021 at 12:03 PM, Alan G4ZFQ wrote:
Yes, the Discovery is different and works well at all frequencies without any modification. Probably not possible anyway.

I'm surprised Max is disappointed, I'd expect it to be difficult to notice any difference between good receivers on HF.

Should have said, yes it of course is the Discovery, not the older HF+ version.

Re. disappointed, yes I was very surprised indeed that there was such an audible difference between them, but it was very clear. To be fair we are talking about a signal right on the edge of the noise, but that's where it matters most apparently. And yes, I did try tweaking all available settings in the HF+ (Discovery). I should have made a recording to show the difference.

I don't think it is in anyway an indicator of any issues with the Discovery, just was so surprised at how truly excellent the Hermes Lite was. Signal really was plain as day with the HL2 (and no fiddling with any settings either as there is only one - LNA gain, at that I don't need to move anyway). It just worked immediately. But also it was at a frequency where we were told by the designer that the "stock" performance is rolling off because really it's an HF amateur bands transceiver, not an LF or VLF so much. But seems it's great at LF too.

Will report back after Grimeton (24th but also two test transmission on 23rd December) on 17.2 kHz. Will be very interesting to see any difference there between the two.

So far just confirms that Hermes Lite 2 is the bargain of the century (so far) at around £200 GBP for a fully fledged SDR direct sampling HF transceiver!


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