Re: A new way to shut off a PC


There are ways something working at a driver level can simply drop the machine out from under you.

But, he still has yet to run a full memtest and run some gamer type performance tests that stress the machine. That would mean his machine is OK. I don't think they are 100% necessary given that it works with the front end disconnected.

He might start SDRC without the front end plugged in. Then plug it in and see what happens.


On 20211219 03:28:35, Allan Isaacs wrote:

If it is a software problem Michel you should find a record or two pinpointing the fault in the Windows Logs, probably either System or Applications.

Right click Computer, then Manage, Event Viewer, Windows Logs etc

Another check is to Ctrl-Alt-Del to see Task Manager.. see the processor load or whatever when SDR console is running.

If you have a hardware problem rather than software this might be revealed by looking for any item in the logs marked in red.

The fact that the SDR is not connected should mean the processor load is very low so you can’t readily rule out overheating?

Allan G3PIY

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Doing systematic tests, I noticed that SDR Console does not crash the PC as long as the receiver (SDRPlay RSP-2) is not connected. If it is connected, crash is garanteed in 100% of cases.
However, the receiver works perfectly well with SDR Console when connected to my laptop.
Drivers issue ?
Michel (F1GOC)


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