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Sri for the OT reply but I was nodding my head up and down when I read ur post Tom. I still have fond memories of my true IBM PC running at a whopping 4.77 MHz (and cheating by adding my own clock doubler), then when I moved up to the 80286 I remember splurging only $300 for the 287 math co-processor. Wow we were big "stuff" back then when I could run an antenna analysis in half the time that only took 7-8 hours. My how times have changed.

Gedas, W8BYA EN70JT

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Despite building computers since the 286 and being an IT consultant with MCSE and CCNA qualifications for over 10 years, I would be reluctant to mess around with any flavour of RAID!

I certainly wouldn’t like to try an in place upgrade. I would be making a couple of backups of the data and doing a fresh instal of the OS then restoring the data having rebuilt the RAID.

Fresh installs are a PITA though. The OS is the easy bit. It’s the apps and settings and other hardware that becomes the problem.

You could also try building a totally new PC, leaving the old one as a “server”, accessing your data over your network. Then build a new RAID in the new PC, before copying your data across.

I like to get value for money and my retiring PC was built around 2011. Still works and I may yet drag it out of retirement for another project!

Good luck if/when you upgrade.




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OK Tom

All understood

I paid loads for my Win 7 Ult x64bit many years ago and having tried the free embryo Win 10 on other computers I hated it but of course it got much better… (re auto updates for example)


A pal upgraded straight away and it messed up his RAID (which I’d organised when I built his computer). Fortunately I fixed this by suggesting he downloaded the latest version of Intel RST.

As this is my business computer with both hardware and software RAID I’m still a little reticent but I think it should be OK by now because I’ve since upgraded lots of machines… so… I may take the plunge soon.

If it all falls apart it will be a good excuse to retire!

Win 11 is a no-go on my motherboard.


I understand that by changing dpi in the properties of the EXE file in for example an Adobe program it’s possible in the later versions of Win10 to open say PhotoShop in standard HD rather than UHD.


In the meantime if I drag say Outlook or PhotoShop across to my old 1920 monitor its fine. Two 28 inch monitors do take up a lot of room.


Funny thing but the new HP display came with an A5 booklet in 35 languages plus English. All printed in pale grey on grey paper in microscopic font. I could only just read this with a magnifying glass. It said it would meet all FCC specs if installed using the instructions. No instructions included however but it did say in brackets you have to use a screened connector lead and not to operate near to a receiver or a transmitter..

My Andrus SDR is operated over my network so is 80 feet away which should be ample.

73 Allan G3PIY




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