Coherent dual channel SDR with good dynamic range

Conrad, PA5Y

Helllo all.


In the spring I intending putting up 4 x 6 ele XPOL antennas for 6m EME. Of course I will be using the same system during the Es season and so need 2 things.


  1. Good dynamic range for the Es season
  2. 2 channels which must be coherent for adaptive EME


In fact on Es I will run WSJT-X decoders for FT8 with 0, 45, 90 and 135 degrees. I know from the work of others that there can be a lot of rotation on multihop Es. I think that this will be very interesting which is why I am making the effort.


I have a 2 channel Afedri AFE822x which is almost good enough but I need better dynamic range. What is available?




Conrad PA5Y


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