Re: Instances: Setting Up For First Time Questions


Try some informative captures perhaps? Don't be coy with information. Give us all the open SDRC windows clearly labeled which is which in the names.

The two captures are identical and neither shows any graying.

So there is no information present with which anybody can help you. I don't even know if you are running two of the same identity or two different identities. (I've never tried the former and do not expect it will work properly. The latter works just fine here. Boy howdy it works, RX888 43 MHz plus AirSpy R2 wide open with no problems on a brief run. It brings home the extent Simon has improved his DSP and display handling in the last year and more.)


On 20211130 04:15:09, rmrrgs wrote:

Hi Simon,

I appreciate your time, and admittedly this isn't important.
Only if you see something obvious to get me going with "instances," Otherwise, just forget.
I can truly imagine how busy you must be.

What I would like to do is to simply run (via Instances) side by side, my RSPdx and my G-31 to evaluate them.
I can easily switch the antennas.
Here's a photo of where I can't get past.     [BTW, the Screenshot wouldn't work for taking it.  Had to grab it other way.]

Like I mentioned, the choice for the G-31 and other radios are greyed out for the START button.
The only selections the Start button seems to allow are "Server,"  and the "Spawned..."

How do I get past this, please, and select the G-31 for the other (Child) screen ?

Again, not important. Really.
Only if you see something simple that I am, as usual, missing or doing incorrectly.

Incredible program; thanks so much for making it available,



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