Re: New Spread Spectrum Transmissions or spurs from a TXR?

David Crawford

This is a real signal. I've been seeing it here in Florida also, during daylight hours during the past week. Drug traffickers used a similar-sounding system to talk between south Florida and Norman Cay, Bahamas, in the 6-7 MHz range in the late 1980s (but there was no waterfall for visual comparison back then).

On 2021-11-29 15:32, Siegfried Jackstien wrote:
Maybe vdsl?!? It uses shortwave and i guess they use also frequency hopping
Ham radio bands should be notched but what is on normal sw qrg?!?
Dg9bfc sigi
Am 29.11.2021 21:27 schrieb данила фадеев <karapuzito@...>:
David E. Crawford
Indian River City, Florida
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