Re: Instances: Setting Up For First Time Questions

rmrrgs <rgsrose@...>

Hi Simon,

I appreciate your time, and admittedly this isn't important.
Only if you see something obvious to get me going with "instances," Otherwise, just forget.
I can truly imagine how busy you must be.

What I would like to do is to simply run (via Instances) side by side, my RSPdx and my G-31 to evaluate them.
I can easily switch the antennas.
Here's a photo of where I can't get past.     [BTW, the Screenshot wouldn't work for taking it.  Had to grab it other way.]

Like I mentioned, the choice for the G-31 and other radios are greyed out for the START button.
The only selections the Start button seems to allow are "Server,"  and the "Spawned..."

How do I get past this, please, and select the G-31 for the other (Child) screen ?

Again, not important. Really.
Only if you see something simple that I am, as usual, missing or doing incorrectly.

Incredible program; thanks so much for making it available,

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