Instances: Setting Up For First Time Questions

rmrrgs <rgsrose@...>

Hope everyone had a fine Thanksgiving.

First time I've tried playing with "Instances," and guess I could use
a little help with.

I would like to compare two radios, and have the two of them active, and each showing in a Console screen.
I can switch the ant. between them readily.

So, I call up "Child Instance", and sure enough the screen mirrored appears, and I have 2 screens.

But, on playing with it, it hangs up, sometimes, with the Not Responding msg.

Or, most of the time, if I pull up the Select Radio screen,
and pick one of three tree radios I have listed, the Start Button is Greyed out.

The only item the Start Button apparently allows me to choose
is:  "Spawned at 29 Nov. ...  (no idea what this is or does)

Might someone please walk me thru getting this working, or point me to a link
describing how to.

Much thanks as always,

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