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Dale Elshoff WB8CJW <dale.elshoff@...>

I have been searching and watching for quite a while myself to make use of my SDRplay RSPdx for receiving analog (AM) NTSC TV.  I tried using an older version of SDR# as noted from a Google search that still supports using ExtIO.dll along with the TV plugin from Russia (Basil Vasili) but I get a runtime error saying the plugin is newer than the SDR# program.  Then on later SDR# the ExtIO is no longer supported to get comm with the RSPdx receiver.  I wish someone would make a fix for this.  The SDRplay folks apparently don't want to provide support other than making an ExtIO_SDRplay_RSPdx.dll available and I haven't seen much of any plugin development for SDRuno.

Why support for analog TV?  This mode is superior to digital TV for long distances.  Enhanced propagation modes allow us to work several hundred miles on 70cm.  We use commercial SAW filters with a 10-position switch to reduce the receive bandwidth to 352 kHz for video exchange only (we don't care about audio or color subcarriers - this is strictly bw video only using large black call letters to improve readability).  Hams in Europe also filter their transmitted signal to reduce the bandwidth for dx and contesting.

I don't know of an automatic signal identification program.  There are web sites that provide numerous sample recordings of various modes.  For example provides what it looks like on a waterfall, spectrum and the sound.

73, Dale WB8CJW

On 11/24/2021 9:03 AM, Rich wrote:

Hope I can get an answer  ...  Does anyone have software that can decode Over the air TV signals using SDRPLAY ?    Seems like there is software out there to decode almost any mode of signal in the HF Band.   
I don't mean Slow Scan  ..> TV        Also   is there a company that makes  a program to analyze  and ID what a signal is ?   Some of  the signals  I know are encrypted ...   but if you don't know what you are listening to ...   it might as well be encrypted

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