Re: TV Decoders ? #sdrplay

George Smythe

Over-The-Air TV is using one of a family of standards collectively called ATSC [ ].  In Europe over the air there is a different standard called DVB-T [ ] or (more recently DBV-T2).  Cable in the US (at least) uses QAM [ ] which is routinely encrypted, but a subset called Clear-QAM that is not encrypted does exist.  Current FCC (USA agency) rules permit encrypting everything on the cable, and companies are moving to do that (sigh).

George, KB2GSM

On Wed, Nov 24, 2021, 16:05 eyilmaz <ersoy@...> wrote:

Really? has nice explanations and software listing also for beginners (who may not have Google to use).

On 11/24/21 3:03 PM, Rich wrote:
Hope I can get an answer  ...  Does anyone have software that can decode Over the air TV signals using SDRPLAY ?    Seems like there is software out there to decode almost any mode of signal in the HF Band.   
I don't mean Slow Scan  ..> TV        Also   is there a company that makes  a program to analyze  and ID what a signal is ?   Some of  the signals  I know are encrypted ...   but if you don't know what you are listening to ...   it might as well be encrypted

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